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Apollo Audio Interface

What exactly is Apollo Audio Interface?

“Apollo” is really a high resolution professional Apollo Audio Interface, universal audio apollo, apollo universal audioaudio interface with exceptional sound quality and Real-time UAD Processing onboard. It features integral UAD – 2 DSP Acceleration, which permits Apollo to monitor, mix, and master with our total library of award-winning UAD – 2 Powered Plug-Ins with almost instantaneous sub – 2ms latency.

universal audio Apollo

Apollo was designed to provide users the feel and stream of analog record, while maintaining the benefits of mixing and mastering in a digital audio workstation (DAW). Its included software turns Apollo right into a fully-working mixing console and allows users to manage its hardware settings remotely, solving longstanding studio workflow and tracking irritations.

universal audio Apollo

What sort of analog and digital I / O does Apollo have?

Apollo has 8 whole analog inputs – 4 digitally controlled analog mic preamps, 8 balanced line inputs, and 2 frontpanels JFET DIs. It has 2 digitally-controlled analog screen outs – 8 balanced line outs, 14 complete analog outputs, and 2 dedicated stereo headphone outs.

How can the sound of Apollo compare to other audio interfaces?

Basically, far better. Since the first audio interface to hold the Universal Audio name, Apollo was made for uncompromising sonic excellence. Our hardware engineering team called upon years of UA analog experience throughout the design process. And every element, from Apollo’s microphone pre-amps to its converters, was carefully selected to supply both fidelity and foil. Therefore we can comfortably state that Apollo offers the lowest THD (total harmonic distortion) and widest dynamic range of such a thing in its category – performing at or better than interfaces costing far more.

What is UAD Powered Plug Ins?

UAD – 2 Powered Plug Ins offer nature and warm sonic qualities perhaps not present in other plug-ins. This process ensures that we basically “reconstruct” classic analog equipment in the electronic world. So UAD-2 plug ins not simply sound like the original vintage hardware; they act like the original devices, at even the most extreme settings. UAD-Powered PlugIns are available for purchase independently via our Online Store.

What’s the operation like on Apollo?

With Apollo, latency is basically indiscernible. Of course, 1.1 MS is maybe not an uncommon spec compared to other professional audio interfaces, however it is unheard of to get that level of latency operation when tracking with add-ins. With its on-board Real time UAD Processing, Apollo can retain its low-latency operation even in sessions, and also you may leave your personal computer at a buffer setting that it can handle.